About Orygen

Mental illness is a young person’s disease.
Seventy-five per cent of mental health challenges occur before the age of 25.

That's why Orygen believes in creating new and improved treatments, and providing care as early as possible.
Adolescence should be a time of joy and growth for all young people, yet suicide is the leading cause of death for young people at this stage of life. Orygen believes that all young people deserve to grow into adulthood.

With better treatments and support we know we can get there.

You can help us make a difference. Your fundraising can help us save lives.


While you lead the revolution in burpees, we’re leading a revolution in youth mental health. We have a team of world-class researchers and clinicians focusing on finding new and better ways to help people recover from all types of mental illness – from developing new approaches to suicide prevention, to identifying alternatives to anti-depressants, to finding better treatments for psychosis and schizophrenia right through to creating digital platforms that help young people recover their mental health - our researchers are dedicated, every single day, to discovering new treatments and models of care that can directly improve outcomes for young people.

We then incorporate this research directly into clinical care, so that it can reach the young people we work with as quickly as possible. Burpees aren’t easy but by taking on this challenge, you show young minds we are here every step (or bounce) along the way.

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Clinical Care

Jump, squat, plank – just like a burpee, Orygen has several parts that come together to make a difference. Orygen provides mental health services for young people aged 12 to 25 years and helps mental services around the country deliver the best possible care to young people too.

By joining our team and gathering your friends and family along the way for support, you are helping to improve these services - which range from the headspace centres we operate through to specialist clinical care with a focus on severe and complex mental illness. Our early intervention approach to mental health care is considered best practice and has been used as a model for mental health services in Australia and around the world.

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When you round up your friends, family and colleagues to support you in the Burpee Bounce Back Challenge you are supporting us in advocating nationally and globally for better outcomes for young people experiencing mental health challenges.

Thanks for committing to 1534 burpees to help young people with mental illness, so we can continue our work in policy development and advocacy to see better mental health care delivered everywhere. The burpees aren’t easy but the outcome is worth it!

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Join our team at Orygen by participating in the Burpee Bounce Back Challenge and
help us in our mission to help young people recover from mental illness.