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Why I’m Smashing Out Burpees…

Three in four Australians will experience a mental health challenge by the time they turn 25. Orygen works with young people, their families and friends, to develop new, positive approaches to preventing and treating mental disorders.

It’s been a challenging year for us all, and most of us could probably use some help in bouncing back towards a more positive state of mind.

That’s why this October I'm joining the Burpee Bounce Back Challenge – I'll be helping my own mental health by increasing my physical activity, and helping others by fundraising for mental health research so that young Aussies whose mental health isn’t going great can bounce back too.

Please help me by giving whatever you can. The more people that know about Orygen, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

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Tuesday 26th Oct

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Tuesday 12th Oct

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Tuesday 12th Oct

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Kevin O’s

Great work Luke!




Brad Shaw


Uval Daniel

Nobel cause, way to go….


Sarah Kent

Keep Going Luke!!


Mary-ellen Jamieson

So very proud of what you are doing. What a wonderful way to raise money in this way. Such a good cause.


Arijit Sen

Burpee 's for the brain !! Awesome work Luke , may your tribe increase 👏


Jess Bordin

Thanks so much Luke for raising awareness! I'm super pumped to see you hold up your end of the deal. I can't wait to see you dressed up in a costume and covered in make up doing burpees!




Johanna Neilsen

Luke, amazing effort, happy to 'give you a break'! Cheers, Johanna




Stuart Jamieson

Super effort brother keep it up.


Paint Wholesalers

Keep up the good work!


Eric Presbrey


Steven Meagher


Melissa Symmons

Luke, this is guilt money. Guilt for watching you do this, rather than participating. Maybe I'll do one or two a day to help you out. It is a great cause though, one of the best!


Duncan Macpherson

Luke amazing effort



I am lucky to call you my friend


Michael Gonsalvez

Good luck with the challenge Luke! Burpees are a killer! Hope to catch-up soon.


Alison Devitt

Such an important cause, thank you for doing what your doing Luke! Inspirational I think I could do 1/2 a burpee…lol


Yossi Ben Ishay


Lee Scales

Awesome effort Luke!


Kristina Chaston

We’ve got this!! Great cause and huge effort from you (you are showing up the rest of us 😂).


Aravinda Ellawala

Much needed iniative in the times we're in. Go Luke!


Darren Williams

Better you than me....


Dani Clarke

Goodonya LJ! Awesome work, friend :-)


Naomi Kent

Good Luck Luke! Better you than me!


Jacob Potts

Good luck Luke! Great focus on an initiative that is so relevant. J


Cat Mccarthy

Keep it up Luke!


Luke Jamieson


Luke Jamieson



3.6 burpees thanks! Luke you are a machine!


Elliot Debinski



Ian Chappell

Burpee hell is a real place!! ha ha


Itai Carmon


Hilary Myles

Too good Luke. Keep it up.





Cause close to my heart Luke. Or head, more like it, if we're being honest 🙏 thank you, the world needs more people like you in it. All the best.


Darlene White


Ieva Silins

Great work Luke!


Brendan Peel

You’re a bloody legend mate! Love what you’re doing, you’ll be ripped and at the same time help create more awareness around young men’s mental health! You’ll smash it!


Loretta Li

Great cause Luke. Keep it up!


Josh Debinski

Super cause! Great effort


Deken Willmore

Keep up the good work. Thank you for drawing attention to this serious and important initiative.


Tania Meade

Amazing Luke - you crazy man! Burpees are awful. Great cause, well done.


Ben Israelsohn