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Burpee Bounce Back

Give me a burpee break!

1534 burpees is a lot, so a day off burpees will be a welcome surprise! To give me a day off, all you need to do is buy me a burpee break.

Give me a burpee break!

I'm fundraising for... Young people in Australia

Working in youth mental health I see the increased challenges and barriers young people are facing.

With the climate emergency, housing in-affordability and COVID, young people in Australia have more stress on their plate than previous generations. Add this to the regular challenges of just growing up and finding your place in the world, I believe more needs to be done.

Every day 1534 young people are diagnosed with a mental illness. That's why I'm rising up, and raising funds for Orygen by doing 1534 burpees.

Three in four Australians will experience a mental health challenge by the time they turn 25. Orygen is the world's largest youth mental health organisation dedicated and focused on giving young people the futures they deserve.

The COVID pandemic has impacted heavily on all of our mental health. With mental health services responding to rising rates of anxiety, depression and self-harm in young people.

That’s why this October I'm doing my part by joining the Burpee Bounce Back Challenge – I'll be helping my own mental health by increasing my physical activity, and helping Orygen create a mentally healthier future for the 1534 young Aussies who are diagnosed with a mental illness every day.

Please help me by giving whatever you can. The more people that know about Orygen, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

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Get it get it :) proud of you! Also just FYR I didn’t use the joint account to donate 😂 LOVE YOU


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