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My target 1534 Burpees

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1534 burpees is a lot, so a day off burpees will be a welcome surprise! To give me a day off, all you need to do is buy me a burpee break.

Give me a burpee break!

I'm fundraising to support young people diagnosed with mental illness

Every day 1534 young people are diagnosed with a mental illness. That's why I'm rising up, and raising funds for Orygen by doing 1534 burpees.

Three in four Australians will experience a mental health challenge by the time they turn 25. Orygen is the world's largest youth mental health organisation dedicated and focused on giving young people the futures they deserve.

The COVID pandemic has impacted heavily on all of our mental health. With mental health services responding to rising rates of anxiety, depression and self-harm in young people.

That’s why this October I'm doing my part by joining the Burpee Bounce Back Challenge to help Orygen create a mentally healthier future for the 1534 young Aussies who are diagnosed with a mental illness every day.

Please help by donating whatever you can. The more people that know about Orygen, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!


More about mental illness in young people aged 12-25yrs (statistics from Beyond Blue):

·       Half of all the mental health conditions we experience at some point in our lives will have started by age 14.

·       Over 75% of mental health problems occur before the age of 25.

·       One in ten young people aged 12-17 years old will self-harm, one in 13 will seriously consider a suicide attempt, and one in 40 will attempt suicide.

·       Almost one-fifth of all young people aged 11 to 17 years experience high or very high levels of psychological distress.

·       Suicide continues to be the leading cause of death for young Australians

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Wednesday 27th Oct
It was a lot harder than I expected, but I am finally done. Thank you to all my sponsors.

Sun 17th Oct - Day 5

Sunday 17th Oct
At home. Changed routine today. Did 10 burpee sets in 30sec with a 30-40 second rest in between. Finished 11 sets or 110 burpees.

Sat 16th Oct - Day 4

Sunday 17th Oct
Another 104 done.

Fri 15th Oct - Day 3

Saturday 16th Oct
At home. Another 103 were completed. Muscles felt a bit fatigued but got through it ok.

Thu 14th Oct - Day 2

Thursday 14th Oct
Day 2 of the challenge. Still in Cairns. Finished my 103 burpees. Tough going this morning, but it just reminded me of the reason for the challenge. No doubt there would have been people waking up this morning being mentally fatigued, not wanting to get out of bed, no purpose. Considering all that my physical pain was only temporary.

Wed 13th Oct - Day 1

Wednesday 13th Oct
Day 1, in Cairns in a hotel. Legs were still heavy from the marathon on Sunday. Set a low cadence; 8 burpees per minute. Took just over 14min to get it done. Hopefully be able to increase to 10-12 Burpees per minute as I progress.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Shaun Dwyer

Good cause Glady - make sure you do every Burpee!!


Gordon Sterling

You think you would be looking fitter after all those burpees


Brooke Manley

Well done Gladdy. Mammoth effort for a brilliant cause.


Quinton Lelo

Get jumping buddy, great stuff!


Jennifer Lane


Simon Upton

Love your work G Man!


Mark Douglas

Go Gladdy - great cause and good luck!


Tristan Penrose

Get it done mate!!!!


Jim Antliff

Best of luck Gladdy!


Dan Laarhoven

Go Glady!


Luke Beesley

Really great initiative here Gladdy, appreciate you opening up the conversation.


Peter Blackford


David Rajasingham

Better you than me Gladdy! Smash those burpees!


Leigh Wilson


John Ambados

Well done t on supporting a great cause


Jess Lockwood

Awesome work Gladdy for a great cause! Good luck!


Jordan Macleod

Nice work bro, keep it up!


David Van Den Brule

Impressive numbers & a great cause Gladdy!



Top effort Gladdy !!




Zack Hassan

Good luck mate. I know you will smash this !!


David Forman

Good luck Gladdy, go well!


Ben Malpass

love your work Gladdy


Callum Carseldine

Love your work Gladdy! I promise to improve my standard of bridging to beyond 5 minutes given your elite effort with these burpees...


Julien Serocki


Alex Roberts


Mark Johnson

Great initiative Gladdie - you legs will be hammered...


Michelle Langley

Great job Gladdy!


Leanne Harrison


Ross Furlonger

Go Gladdy Go!


Joanne Ravenscroft

Amazing work Gladdy!


Vanessa Devine

Keep on going Gladstone


Natasha Gibson



Go Gladdy!


Jack Stylianou

Keep up the great work Gladdy.