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Three in four Australians will experience a mental health challenge by the time they turn 25. Orygen works with young people, their families and friends, to develop new, positive approaches to preventing and treating mental disorders.

It’s been a challenging year for us all, and most of us could probably use some help in bouncing back towards a more positive state of mind.

That’s why this October I'm joining the Burpee Bounce Back Challenge – I'll be helping my own mental health by increasing my physical activity, and helping others by fundraising for mental health research so that young Aussies whose mental health isn’t going great can bounce back too.

Please help me by giving whatever you can. The more people that know about Orygen, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page with your friends and family. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!

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Friday 30th Oct
What a crazy couple of weeks...busy work....lockdown release....year 12 exams....and fitting in these burpees when I can.   I will smash through the burpee target, but almost at my fundraising target - so a last shout out today to all the amazing humans I know to contribute to the amazing work we do here at Orygen :) 

Two Days to Go

Thursday 29th Oct
Ok so last two days and I don't think I will be keen to do a burpee in the near future !  I have so enjoyed reading everyone's messages of support - what an amazing bunch of humans I know.  Now trying to smash through the fundraising target and celebrate at the end of Friday.  Yesterday Melbourne was released from lock down so all in all its been a pretty good week !  Back to the burpees and chatting to everyone about the wonderful work we do here at Orygen :)

Day 7 - A long day

Tuesday 20th Oct
Today was a day that showed me why I am working so hard to raise money to support the work that we are doing at Orygen.  A phone call from a close friend that her child was struggling with the return to school and all I could do was listen and be there for her - how hard this year has been for all our kids.  My daughter is in year 12 and today they had a day of 'non valedictory', where they could where the outfit they would have worn to this special dinner to school, while a lovely photo moment it was hard to see her go off making the best of what this year has brought us, yet again.  But onwards she went encouraging all her friends, many of which were suffering prior to covid and now more than ever need support.   
Again I am humbled my the generosity and messages of support from all the amazing humans I know that are contributing to this challenge and supporting the work we do - thank you xx 

Day 5

Sunday 18th Oct
Weekend  shenanigans meant I had to smash out all of today’s burpees in one go ....done and exhausted but done:) only $88 off my second fundraising target . So grateful to everyone who has kindly donated ....looking for those last amazing humans to push it to $1k, night everyone will sleep well from all that exercise this weekend x 

Day 3

Friday 16th Oct
Wow I am overwhelmed by the lovely messages people are sending and their generosity during such a hard time. Burpees getting easy to do thank goodness too :) bring in the weekend and smashing through more burpees and our target ! 

Day 2 - Burpees in the Rain

Thursday 15th Oct
Super busy day and could only get out when the rain started - but that didn't stop us , Tay and I in the rain videoing me doing burpees.....and then we had to run home because the rain came down hard !   
A very big laugh and even though I still finding these burpees hard, we had lots of fun :)

Day 1 Smashed

Thursday 15th Oct
25 burpees down....that was a lot harder than I thought ! 

Just over a week to go

Tuesday 6th Oct
I am so excited......getting close and training is ramping up .  It’s a great distraction from Melbourne lockdown. Counting down the days and so pleased to see so many people supporting this amazing cause 

Thankyou - Initial fundraising target met :)

Saturday 3rd Oct
Thanks everyone - wow $500 smashed, what an amazing bunch of humans.  I have increased the target lets see if we can smash that before I have to start .
So grateful for all of the support 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Pam Anders

Such a great cause but omg burpees I think I’d rather walk 100 km’s 😂😜🤔😩


Jane Arthur

Go you! And thanks to the team at Orygen for all your amazing work. ❤️



💪 💪


Marg Batty

Do one or two for me. You've got this!


Sarah Watkins


Patty Pournaris

Go Pam!! What a great effort for such an important cause. Fit in a few for me!


Kerryn Pennell

Good luck you’ll be amazing !


Jody Kelly

I can think of nothing worse than all those burpees, but of all the people I know you will kick this one out of the park Pam.


Antonella Magnavacca

This is brilliant! Gobgem em, Pam!


Megan Lam

Amazing! Well done Pam & have fun 🤗



Go Pam!! Do some for me as well!! Such a great cause - we all know someone impacted and now more than ever this needs to be something we all get behind.


Diana Mottram


Yasmine Khan

Amazing efforts Pam! Who is always giving back to the community And multitasking with your fitness goals. Super mum!


Sophie Graves

Good luck Pam! This will definitely neutralize all wine drunk throughout Covid...;)


Lisa Hammond

Go get 'em Pam!!! I would be pleased to support you and Orygen's burpee-bounce-back challenge and assist in raising much needed funds for research into mental health. Lisa x


Karen Cresp

Good luck! A great cause


Taylor White

So so proud of you mum, amazing cause and you’re gonna smash it! Best of luck, love you 💕


Jeff Teale

A great cause Pam. Go get em!


Neighbourhood Donations :)

My lovely neighbours donating after seeing be doing my burpees in the park :)


Kira Watson


Pam White


H Is For Hair

You go girl x


Jo Skipper Smith

Well Done Pam!!


Kirsty Mccallum

Go Pam! Go team! I'll donate you some morning hiit burpees...


Clare Stewart

Great work Pam! Almost at the end.


Kath And Phoebe

Good luck Pam, great cause


More Neighbours Donations


Natalie Mcintyre


Caity M

Amazing work! Mental health research is so important.


Bertha Pryse


Jen Pearce

Go Miss Zumba Pam



Go Pam!



Good luck Pam!


Molly Whytcross


Matt Baker