Fundraising Tips

The golden rule of fundraising is: if you don’t ask, you won’t get. So the key to getting dollars in the bank is to make sure you are actually asking people to support you!

We know it’s not always that easy, though. Asking for money can sometimes be a bit awkward – we get it! That’s why we have collated some helpful fundraising tips and tricks to help you get on your way. You have enough to worry about with 1534 burpees and all!


Make a self-donation

Back yourself! By donating to your own effort, you show others you are committed to the challenge and that you care about the cause. This is the sure-fire way to get your tally off zero and build a bit of momentum. Plus, it helps set a benchmark for future donations. 


Ask the one person who can’t say no

We’ve all got one. A parent, friend, partner, family member, colleague, neighbour, or someone who owes you big time. And if you’re lucky, you might even have more than one. Remember that these people want to support you, they just need to be asked first. So give grandma a call. Flick a text to your dad. Call in the favour from the friend you dropped at the airport (remember airports?). 


Update your fundraising page

It might surprise you to learn that the small act of updating your fundraising page to include a picture and a little about why you are taking part in the challenge will have a huge impact on your overall fundraising. Why? Because if people see that you care, they are more likely to care too. So head over to your fundraising page and give it a quick update before you share via social media or email. Make sure you update your fundraising target, too!


Share your page to socials

What you have signed up to do is no small feat, so you shouldn’t be shy about letting everyone know and asking for their support. By sharing your fundraising page to socials, you not only show everyone that you will be getting sweaty for 17 days but you help shed light on mental health challenges and the importance of better recovery. Mental health during COVID-19 has been no easy plight to endure, so you should be proud you are doing something physically challenging to help your own mental health, whilst supporting better outcomes for others. By sharing on your socials, you can inspire others to join in and do something for their physical and mental health, or donate to you for your impressive effort!

Make sure to include a link in your posts to make it easier for people to donate (you can get your personal fundraising page link by clicking here). And don’t forget to keep us updated on your progress by using the hashtags #OrygenBurpeeChallenge #BurpeeBounceBack #YoungFuturesMatter



Pop a link to your personal fundraising page in an email and send away. You can even use one of the templates we have prepared for you by clicking here.

If there were ever a time people truly understand the importance of mental health recovery, it’s now! So let everyone know you will be doing 1534 burpees for mental health recovery and that their support would mean the world to you, and the thousands of young Aussies you’ll be helping.

Often asking can be the hardest part and its surprising how many people will come out to support you when you do. So put it out there and let everyone know you are burpee-ing for a good cause. By sharing your journey, you help bring attention to Orygen’s critical work with young people. And for that we want to say a big THANK YOU.


Leverage your workplace

Asking your colleagues for support is one of the easiest ways to have a big impact. And you don’t need to stick to simply asking for a donation – what about holding a fundraising event? Trivia nights, auctions, movie nights, swear jars… the options are endless. Want an extra boost? Create some old-fashioned competition between colleagues! Bragging rights are a very strong motivator.


Remind people

Even your best-intentioned friends and family may actually forget to donate! Don’t be afraid to remind them.


Thank people

After someone has donated to you, make sure you thank them. It sounds so simple, but it goes a long, long way to making them feel good about supporting you. And who knows? They might donate again, or tell others to throw a few bucks your way. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, even sending a quick text or an email will do wonders.

That really is just the tip of the iceberg, so if you need any help with fundraising tips contact our team here. We are here to help you!