The Challenge

Step 1

Sign up to do 1534 burpees over 17 days, from 14-30 October. If doing 1534 burpees sounds too much – ask your friends and family to join your team to split the burpee load and help improve their mental health and fitness too. If a regular burpee is not right for your body, see below for alternate burpees you could try. 

Step 2

Share your fundraising page and ask your friends, family and colleagues to support your burpee bounce back journey. The vital funds you raise will help us help young Aussies bounce back from mental illness. Check out our tips on fundraising page, here.

Step 3

Complete 1534 burpees over 17 days. You can complete 90 a day or gradually build up your count as you improve your fitness, it’s up to you! You can compete against your friends, colleagues and family. How will you do your burpees?

Step 4

Log your burpees on your fundraising page, so your supporters can see how far you’ve made it with your burpee-ing! If you have any questions visit our FAQ page.

Other ways to burpee

Burpees aren’t for everyone and that’s ok. If you would still like to participate in the challenge, you can modify the burpee so that it’s right for your body. Here are some possible alternates you could try.


Arm raise, squat and incline push-up.

Jump and step-out into plank position.