Meet Sharla

At just 13-years old, Sharla knew she needed help.

“I first came to an Orygen headspace centre at 13 when I couldn’t cope with my issues all alone,” Sharla says.

“I realised my issues were quite complex and I needed more than just a counsellor. Luckily enough I had access to a few sessions with a fantastic psychiatrist through headspace.”

For Sharla, seeing a psychiatrist at Orygen’s headspace centre meant she could learn how to support herself when she needed to.


“They equipped me with the tools to be able to independently cope with my issues and also offered a professional support system, especially when my other support systems were unable to accommodate my complex issues.”

By raising funds in Orygen’s Burpee Bounce Back Challenge, you’re ensuring more young Aussies can access mental health support when they need it.

For Sharla, this is really important.

“Getting help should be accessible to all young people no matter their backgrounds or financial situations.”

Your support means everything. By getting involved in Orygen’s Burpee Bounce Back Challenge, you’re showing that you stand with young people who are going through the toughest of times and that their mental health is important to you!”